1.6 Edward, 1.7 Robert, 1.8 Daniel, 1.9 Francis

No known current descendants. All their details are on this page.

There were nine children, one daughter first, followed by 8 sons. Of those, Edward (6th child) and Robert McEvoy (7th child), did not marry. Daniel McEvoy (8th child) had 5 children but there seem to be no descendants from that family-2 children died young and 3 daughters appear not to have married. Francis (9th child) had 4 children, one of whom, Harrold, died at Gallipoli but the other children also appear to have had no issue. This means that of Dennis and Ann Jane Carson's 9 children, only the first 5, Catherine, John, William, Joseph and Dennis (twins) have current descendants.

  • 1.1 Catherine Mary (Kitty) McEvoy born Dry Creek, 1844 to 19-8-1928
  • 1.2 John Peter McEvoy born Dry Creek, 1-4-1845 to 30-6-1898
  • 1.3 William Andrew McEvoy born Dry Creek, 4-8-1847 to 20-7-1921
  • 1.4 Dennis Matthew McEvoy born Dry Creek, 31-1-1850 to 26-1-1935
  • 1.5 Joseph Michael McEvoy born Dry Creek, 31-1-1850 to 29-7-1930
  • 1.6 Edward McEvoy born Dry Creek, 30-6-1852 to 3-7-1939
  • 1.7 Robert McEvoy born Dry Creek, 8-3-1855 to 6-10-1931
  • 1.8 Daniel Mathew McEvoy born Port Gawler, 19-6-1859 to 9-2-1947
  • 1.9 Francis McEvoy born Port Gawler 18-6-1862 to 14-6-1910

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    1.6 Edward (Ted, Ned) McEvoy, born 30-6-1852 Dry Creek, god parents were James Sullivan and Anne Plunkett died 4-7-1939, not married. "A wanderer but respectable." Buried in an unmarked grave, position 57, at Sevenhill Cemetery.
    It is interesting to note that Edward and Robert had no descendants, but neither did the remaining 2 brothers, Daniel and Francis, whose 9 children either died young or did not marry.

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    1.7 Robert McEvoy, born 8-3-1855 at Dry Creek, died 6-10-1931 Jamestown, not married. Farmed at Bute with brothers Frank, Daniel and Dennis but after the death of Luke Plunkett, his mother's second husband, he moved to Balaklava and worked as a mason until his mother died in 1920, when he returned to Jamestown. He is buried at Jamestown.

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    1.8 Daniel Mathias McEvoy (pictured left) born 19-6-1859 Gawler, occupation blacksmith and stonemason, res Gawler and Sevenhill, died 9-2-1947 aged 87, in Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide buried Sevenhill, married Louisa Mary Gordon Cormack, daughter of James Cormack (1815-1894) and Elizabeth Avery (1815-1902), born 13-4-1860 in High Street, MacDuff, Scotland died 31-5-1945 aged 85 years, on 29-12-1878 at St Aloysius Church, Sevenhill.
    Daniel is listed in 1903 PO directory as a blacksmith of Penwortham (near Clare and Sevenhill). Both buried at St Aloysius Cemetery, Sevenhill. 5 children born when Louisa was aged 20 to 34 years, but it seems there are no living descendants:

    Louisa and family (details here) arrived aboard the Atalanta on April 16, 1866. Also listed are John Cormack, Ann Cormack, David Cormack, James Cormack, Elizabeth Cormack, William Cormack, Mary Cormack and Sam Cormack among the Scottish passengers.

    Louisa's sister, Mary Cormack, born in Banff Scotland in 1857, married Martin Dobeli, a Swiss immigrant who came to Australia on the Northern Monarch. They had children in South Australia and later moved to Melbourne, Victoria. Mary died in Melbourne in March, 1927 but there are many Cormacks in Victoria. Other Cormacks in Canada are also researching the family.

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    1.9 Francis McEvoy born 18-6-1862 in Lewiston, SA, occupation mason, builder, farm labourer, died suddenly 14-6-1910 aged nearly 48 years, buried Balaklava, married Johanna Louise Zilm (Also shown as Hanna Louise, Louise, Louisa, Luise Hanna) born 12-10-1864 Nain SA, daughter of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Zilm and Johanne Luise Urbasch, at Willochra on 8-11-84. Res, Wiltunga nr Bute, Carrieton, Balaklava. The family moved to Carrieton in about 1890 and Frank worked there as a builder. Information about the family may be found in The Zilms at Nain. There were 4 children born to Hannah between the ages of 21 and 38 years, but no living descendants: After Frank McEvoy died suddenly, possibly of appendicitis, Louisa married Patrick Sullivan born 1873, died 1915, on 29-12-1912 at the Lutheran parsonage, Wakefield St, Adelaide. She was 48 and he was 39. Louisa died on 27-1-1940 aged 75 years. Frank and Johanna are buried at Balaklava.

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    Many thanks to John Kilmartin (sadly missed, died October, 2009) for researching most of the family information. I have also added details from 'A Wee Deoch and Doris, The Family of Doris Amy Munro nee McEvoy' by Robert J. Munro (with thanks), some from the internet taken on trust and from a sheet of information I have which was written in 1976 by Allan McEvoy, born 1902. Please email me with details of any mistakes you find.
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