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This page contains information about Joseph (1.5) and Eliza McEvoy's descendants.

1.5 Joseph Michael McEvoy born 31-1-1850 died 29-7-1930 aged 80 years, 4th (twin) child of Dennis McEvoy and Ann Jane Carson, married Elizabeth Ann Bridget Case, sixth child of Jane (Starr/s) and Emanuel Case, born 17-9-1857 Gawler, SA died 3-6-1919 aged 61 years in Streaky Bay, at St Martin Church, Redhill on 21-8-1877. His residence at the time was Booleroo Centre.

The pictures show the general store at Hammond with W. P. Case still written on the front and Eliza and Joe with their 8 children. The other picture is Eliza by herself. Here is an article about the closing of the Hammond Catholic Church.

There was one child, Herbert, born before Frederick, but he died soon after birth and there seems no point in including him in the numbering system.

They lived at Hammond about 200 miles north of Adelaide, between Wilmington and Carrieton.

Their land was actually at Muttabee Tanks. On the Hammond-Eurelia mail route, the section (125 Hd. of Pinda) was first taken up by Joseph McEvoy, farmer, of Pinda on October 1, 1883. They farmed at Hammond, Wangary, share farming with the Roberts, Sceales Bay and took up land in Cungena in 1915. Eliza died of blood poisoning related to diabetes in 1919. Joe died aged 80 years at Streaky Bay. They are buried in Streaky Bay cemetery.


Friday, August 1st, 1930

Death has robbed the West Coast of another old and respected identity in the person of Mr. Joseph McEvoy, of Cungena, whose death occurred at the Streaky Bay public hospital early on Tuesday morning. The deceased gentleman, who was 80 years of age, was ill for about a week before his demise, which came as a shock to his friends. The late Mr. McEvoy was of a versatile nature and delighted in controversy. He was conversant with practically all matters of public interest, and until a short while ago was a regular and interesting correspondent to the open columns of 'The Sentinel.'

The late Mr. Joseph McEvoy was born at Dry Creek, near Adelaide, in the year 1850. He lived in the Gawler district for many years, where he learnt the blacksmithing trade. At the age of 28 he married Miss Eliza Case, of Gawler. Later he shifted to Booleroo Centre, and with a brother took up farming. He afterwards farmed in the Wirrabara district, and then went to Hammond where he lived for 23 years, farming with varying success. He came to the West Coast in 1903, and first resided at Lake Wangary, share farming with the late Mr. W.T. Mortlock for four years. From there Mr. McEvoy took up land in the Hundred of Mortlock, and farmed there for four years, but was not very successful in the early days. He sold out and went to Sceales Bay for four years, afterwards taking up land at Cungena, where he farmed with his son, Charles.

Mrs. McEvoy predeceased her husband by eleven years

The deceased always enjoyed good health, and was only ill for one week before his death; he passed away peacefully. It was pleasing to him to have every member of the family at home at Cungena last Sunday.

The deceased's father and mother both came from Ireland. His mother lived to be 96. He had eight brothers and one sister, and four brothers are still living. One (a twin) still resides in the Gawler district. The late Mr. McEvoy could relate some interesting tales of the early days in Adelaide, when, with his twin brother, they used to ride bicycles to the city, the streets of which could then be traversed in about half an hour. He used to tell good stories of the bullock teams in the city streets, and how he spent interesting times watching the shoppers loading their purchases on to bullock waggons and such like.

There were eight children, four sons and four daughters. The sons are Messrs FJ, ER, and CJ McEvoy of Cungena, and AD McEvoy of Port Lincoln. The daughters are Mesdames N. Adkins (Broken Hill), M. Phyland (Sceales Bay), R. Plush (Mortana) and FC Feltus (Piednippie). There are 33 grandchildren.

The funeral was conducted at the Streaky Bay Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon.


page 39 death notices, August 7th, 1930
McEVOY-On the 29th July, at Streaky Bay Hospital, Joseph Michael, dearly beloved husband of the late Eliza Anne McEvoy, aged 80 years and 6 months. Rest in peace.

The "writing letters to the paper" gene obviously comes from both Kermode and McEvoy sides of my family. Joseph McEvoy was a keen correspondent all his life.


Saturday, June 7, 1919, Page 2
The death occurred at the Streaky Bay public hospital on Tuesday night of Mrs Elizabeth Anne McEvoy, wife of Mrs (sic) Jos. McEvoy, of Cungena, in her sixty-first year. The deceased lady had been suffering for about eighteen months with diabetes, and during the past few months had been ailing considerably. She bore her trouble with patient fortitude, however, and seldom complained. Quite recently a small skin eruption on the face caused trouble, for which Mr and Mrs McEvoy applied home remedies without avail, blood poisoning eventually setting in. Dr. Boer was summoned from Streaky Bay on Saturday afternoon, and he recommended the lady's removal to the hospital, and she was brought in on Monday, but died the following night. The deepest sympathy is extended to her husband and family of four sons and four daughters, to whom she was a loving wife and mother. The deceased lady possessed a most loveable disposition, and was highly esteemed by both young and old. The late Mrs McEvoy was born at Cockatoo Valley, near Gawler, and was the third daughter of the late Mr and Mrs E. Case, well-known identities of that district many years ago. She married Mr McEvoy over forty years ago. The funeral was conducted on Wednesday afternoon, when the body was interred in the Streaky Bay cemetery, the Rev. Father Prendergast performing the solemn obsequies, in the presence of a large number of mourners and sympathising friends.

1.5 Joseph Michael McEvoy born 31-1-1850 died 29-7-1930, 4th (twin) child of Dennis McEvoy and Ann Jane Carson, married Elizabeth Ann Bridget Case, sixth child of Jane (Starr) and Emanuel Case, born 17-9-1857 Gawler, SA died 3-6-1919 in Streaky Bay, at St Martin Church, Redhill on 21-8-1877, 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls born when Eliza was aged 23-43 years:

  • 1.5.1 Frederick Joseph McEvoy 2-12-1880 to 25-1-1962
  • 1.5.2 Rose Ellen McEvoy 18-9-1882 to 9-10-1953
  • 1.5.3 Alexander(Alec) Dennis McEvoy 22-3-1884 to 2-11-1951
  • 1.5.4 Anne Laura McEvoy 25-3-1886 to 28-1-1968
  • 1.5.5 Jessie Florence McEvoy 1-10-1887 to 9-9-1951
  • 1.5.6 Edwin Robert McEvoy 19-9-1889 to 14-6-1963
  • 1.5.7 Amelia Agnes McEvoy 3-4-1892 to 9-3-1966
  • 1.5.8 Charles Joseph McEvoy 11-2-1900 to 17-10-1970

The first music played in the Cungena Hall in 1921 was on button accordions by the McEvoy brothers, Fred, Charles and Ed, among others.

  • 1.5.1. Frederick Joseph born 2-12-1880 at Wirrabara died 25-1-1962 at Pt Lincoln, buried Streaky Bay Cemetery married Annie Edith Puckridge born 13-5-1890 at Lake Wangary, SA, (parents Hannah Tapley and Horace Puckridge) died 13-3-1954 buried Streaky Bay cemetery, on 24-11-1908 at the residence of Horace Puckridge at Ulina Station, Warrow. They had 10 children:

    • Dorothy Hazel 31-8-1909 to 17-3-2000
    • Ella Patricia (Ellie) 20-4-1911
    • Mary Heather(Molly) 29-7-1913 to 23-9-1997
    • Nora Clare 19-9-1915 to 8-7-1998
    • Norman Frederick 13-7-1918 to 2-3-80
    • Mona Joan (Joan) 19-5-1922 to 2-7-1976
    • Frederick Joseph 11-10-1924 to 26-12-1990
    • Carmel Therese 10-3-1926 to 4-4-1995
    • Martin Michael 21-8-1928
    • Laurence Norton 13-9-1930 to 18-5-2002

Norman Frederick McEvoy was my father and I am particularly interested in getting all my aunties, uncles, cousins and the next generations listed now rather than waiting for it all to be too hard to trace everyone in the future. All of this information is contained on the next page.

In Washington D.C. Brother Fabian is shown at left with (then) Cardinal Ratzinger, later to be Pope Benedict XV1

Barrier Daily Truth, Broken Hill

Wednesday 15th May, 1929
Death of Mr. N. Adkins
Born in Kyneton (Vic), butcher by trade, hotelkeeping for years, the late Mr. N. Atkins (sic) died on Monday, and will be buried today. He had a thorough knowledge of sheep, being a woolclasser, and also a station manager on the West Coast. The funeral will leave Mr. Tom J. Mallon's funeral parlor, Argent Street, to-day for the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Mr. Norman Adkins, a retired grazier, resided with his wife at 184 Zezina (Zebina, we think they mean) Street. He died suddenly at his residence. At 8 o'clock on Sunday night Mr. Adkins retired to bed, and rose at 7 a.m. in his usual health. At about 10.15 a.m. he left the house to go to an outhouse. About a quarter of an hour later his wife noticed him stagger, and was at his side when he fell in the yard. He was then unconscious. She obtained the assistance of some neighbors, who summoned Dr. Dobbyn, but death had taken place before his arrival. The late Mr. Adkins had complained for years past of pains in his chest and at intervals had received attention from Broken Hill doctors. The matter was reported to J.A. Harris, J.P., but Dr. Dobbyn gave a certificate that death was probably due to natural causes, probably heart failure, and an inquest will be unnecessary. The late Mr. Adkins came here about four years ago. He was previously a farmer at Streaky Bay, on the west coast of South Australia, and on arrival here put money into property. He owned property in Broken Hill.

Picture shows sisters Rose Adkins, Annie Phyland, Jessie Plush and Millie Feltus