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Information about Catherine, John Peter, William Andrew and Dennis Matthew is on this page. They all have current descendants.
1.1 Catherine Mary (Kitty) McEvoy born Dry Creek, 1844 to 19-8-1928
1.2 John Peter McEvoy born Dry Creek, 1-4-1845 to 30-6-1898
1.3 William Andrew McEvoy born Dry Creek, 4-8-1847 to 20-7-1921
1.4 Dennis Matthew McEvoy (twin) born Dry Creek, 31-1-1850 to 26-1-1935

Information about Joseph McEvoy's family is on a separate page because that is my immediate family and may contain more precise information
1.5 Joseph Michael McEvoy (twin) born Dry Creek 31-1-1850 to 29-7-1930 is on Joseph (Second generation) and family page.
In other words, of the 9 children, only the first 5 had more than one generation of descendants.

Information about Edward, Robert, Daniel, Francis and families is all on the No Living Descendants page:
1.6 Edward McEvoy born Dry Creek, 30-6-1852 to 3-7-1939 did not marry
1.7 Robert McEvoy born Dry Creek, 8-3-1855 to 6-10-1931 did not marry
1.8 Daniel Mathias McEvoy born Port Gawler, 19-6-1859 to 9-2-1947 had 5 children but they had no known descendants
1.9 Francis McEvoy born Port Gawler 18-6-1862 to 14-6-1910 had 4 children but they had no known descendants

1.1 Catherine Mary (Kitty) McEvoy born 1844 at Dry Creek, attended Ardtornish School, died 19-8-1928 aged 82 years, buried Jamestown Cemetery married James Francis Quinn born c.1842 in County Galway, Ireland, died 9-6-1929 Pt Pirie aged 87 yrs, buried Jamestown, on 20-2-1865 at St Patrick's Church, Adelaide. Jim Quinn is said to have arrived in South Australia aboard the Nugget in 1854 together with his three brothers and four sisters, according to his newspaper obituary in The 'Adelaide Chronicle,' June 20, 1929, page 53. No Quinns are listed on that passenger list, however. On the Nugget which arrived in 1858, however, there were 6 Quinns: James 17, Thomas 24, John 26 and Daniel 26, all single. They were labourers. Bridget Quinn 19, and Mary Quinn 21, were both servants. All except Daniel (County Clare) were from Galway, according to the passenger list.
There is a belief in the family that Jim Quinn was related to Ned Kelly's mother, a Quinn, and that Ned Kelly spent some time on the run from the police in a hut near Jamestown. Jim met Catherine at Pt Gawler. Later they moved to Mannanarie and to Booleroo Centre and then to
Hammond where they farmed successfully until a big drought in 1897. They moved to Wirrabarra and finally to Jamestown. Kitty's children were born from when she was 21-42 years, 9 surviving:

  • 1.1.1 Mary Jane Quinn (Case) born 11-11-1865 died 4-8-1948
  • 1.1.2 Susan Frances Quinn (Gregory) born 12-10-1867 died 24-12-1914
  • 1.1.3 Catherine Alice Quinn (McQuillan) born 1-11-1869 died 13-6-1956
  • 1.1.4 *John Quinn born 5-2-1877? died 12-2-1936
  • 1.1.5 *Thomas Joseph Quinn born 5-2-1877? died 10-8-1949
  • 1.1.6 James Francis Quinn born 20-7-1873 died 26-7-1968
  • 1.1.7 Patrick Dennis Quinn born 1879 died 1-7-1948
  • 1.1.8 Ellen Bridget Quinn (Phillis) born 1-1-1882 died 17-6-1932
  • 1.1.9 Robert Edward Quinn born 8-12-1886 died 16-4-1971

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1.2 John (Peter) McEvoy born 1-4-1845 at Dry Creek died 30-6-1898 aged 53 years in Parkside married Mary Anne Hallion at St Peter and Paul Cathedral, Gawler on 23-4-1866. He was 21 and she was 23 years. Mary Anne's date of birth is given as c. 1843 on their marriage certificate and her name as May. Mary Ann died 24-11-1907(?) aged 67 years. She is buried in the Lower Wakefield cemetery with her son, Dennis Leo McEvoy. John Peter is buried in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, as recorded in 'The Advertiser' of 2 July, 1898. The friends of the late Mr. John Peter McEvoy-, late of Riverton, are respectfully informed that his funeral leaves 144, Pulteney-street, this day, at 11 a-m., for the Catholic Cemetery, West-terrace. Mary Ann had the following notice in 'The Chronicle' on 14 December, 1907. McEVOY. On the 24th November, at her residence, Lower Wakefield, of heart failure, Mary, relict of the late John McEvoy, aged 66 years. R.I.P. According to the newspaper notice about their marriage, John was the eldest son of the late Dennis McEvoy of Port Gawler and Mary was the youngest daughter of the late Mr John Hallion, formerly of Kildare, Ireland. John and Mary lived at Lower Wakefield, Alma Plains, Salter Springs, Clare, Riverton - 10 children were born between 1867 and 1885 when Mary was 24 years to 42 years: