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Schools of Thought appeared in the 'Australian' magazine on January 25, 2014, and tells the truth about public vs private education, for once. It is parents who most influence the outcome of education, with good solid support for their children and clear aspirations for the future. There is a systematic undermining of the public education system in Australia, because it is expensive. If it is privatised, the government supply money without responsibility. It sickens me to hear parents and the media talking about the cost of a "good" education when referring to private schools, as if it is not possible to have a "good" education at public high schools. Support the public system. Use any money you save, on travel, newspapers and books to widen the minds of your children.

Below are some letters from "The Australian" newspaper in August 2022, including one by me (very edited) speaking on education from the viewpoint of long term classroom secondary teachers. Bob Barden was a much admired colleague at Eyre High School in Whyalla, and caretaker of the family pianola while we were overseas.

SACE SA: courses and information; The Australian Curriculum
My School; Department for Education, South Australia

Australian Education Union and AEU SA Branch


Much grammar on the internet is being explained by teachers of English as a foreign language, and it can seem overly complicated. We do need to know enough to function well and understand what we are doing but getting bogged down in modalities, for example, is rather exhausting. In fact, I believe people who have never studied grammar are making up names for parts of grammar that already have a name.
Here are some straightforward links you may find useful: Verbs are easy enough to understand if you keep it simple. Pronouns by me, are very handy; Prepositions are great in explaining the position of things in relation to one another; Conjunctions are for making longer and more interesting sentences. Apostrophes are punctuation rather than grammar, but using them correctly requires an understanding of grammar, particularly that complex concept of singularity and plurality. Apostrophes by me. Apostrophe song on You Tube;

Photos: Larkspur in my garden; Salt Lake at Lochiel, SA


Colin Welch's Educational resources on Lexiconic Net discovered via Elements of Fiction page. Some great stuff.
Readplus book reviews, an impressive SA based resource from experienced librarians
Puzzlemaker and clip art gallery by Discovery School.
School project photos, animals, Education.com, hassle free clip art, Color.com: pictures useful for assorted projects.
Paper dolls: on Pinterest. Good for characters in a novel.
e cards, and more; All posters;
Illuminated letters; Illuminated manuscripts.
Art Deco architecture site.
WW1 postcards; Trenches on the web.
USA 1935-1945: Library of Congress photo database.
List of genres.
Teaching Ideas on Facebook.
Refdesk: books and literature.
Arts and Letters Daily.
Scripts on screen.


Children's book council, with useful links; Author interviews interviews with current authors
Script-O-Rama: scripts for TV shows, films.
Books: you can read on the WWW, from scientific reports and classics to popular fiction. Copy what you need for comprehension exercises and the like.
Audio books for free.

SA's Old Mate Ad; Modern Ads; Duncan's TV Adverts; Lessons in advertising. Excellent material; Links to many American historical ad databases; Ad Access: a database of US and Canadian print ads from 1911 to 1955. Hidden persuaders blog.

Creative Writing Ideas-my own page developed over a number of years. The ideas seem worth preserving.
Student writing; Xmas Recipes I just found (11/2022) from 1996 UHS students. Full of mistakes but wonderfully real. Gavin's Essay on the Email project, 1998.

Sadly comics and comic strips are almost obsolete with the closing down of newspapers as everything moves online to computers/phones. Such a sad loss, as the storytelling, characterisation, examination of the human condition, satire and fun use of language were a great study.
Wikipedia about comic strips; Gocomics site: 274 comics; Syndicated comic strips and panels;
The history of comics in America; About com history of comics; Comiclopedia; Top Cartoon Sites
Garfield: well known lasagna lover
Calvin and Hobbes
About Peanuts characters
Broom-Hilda: the green witch.
Footrot Flats: a cute New Zealander.
The Phantom; Images.
Mandrake the Magician
Tintin; a favourite with my sons. Tintinologists
Andertoons Business Cartoons from Chicago
Danish Comics
Classics Illustrated of childhood memory.
Romance comics; List of romance comics; Romance Origins; Romance Comic Blog.
Pulp Curry; Comics Down Under Blog; Australian Pulp Fiction; Carter Brown


Shakespeare dictionary; Glossary; Cliff Notes; Super Summary Guides; Shakespeare on line; Absolute Shakespeare; Complete works; Timelines: life and works; Shakespeare's sonnets; Shakespeare out loud Shakespeare's Globe: a direct link to the Globe Theatre, a reconstruction of an Elizabethan theatre, very close to the original site of Shakespeare's Globe.

The Merchant of Venice: Folger Shakespeare Library; Shakespeare's ships. The movie; Movie reviews of The Merchant of Venice; About The Merchant of Venice; What news on the Rialto? Worksheet on making a poster of the language of the play.

Spark Notes on Macbeth; Cliff Notes; Enjoying Macbeth; Macbeth: The Feature Film;

The Elizabethan Costuming Page; Elizabethan Clothing; Clothing; Shakespeare in context; Elizabethan Furniture; Pepys Diary - life in 1660s; The Luminarium: a glorious site with Medieval to 18th Century literature; modern illuminations; heraldry; Culpeper: 'The Complete Herbal'


Cooking and other medieval links; Medieval/Renaissance food.
The Domesday Book; Links to the history of books and printing; Vellum and parchment.
Geoffrey Chaucer; Tales: in original English; Modern translations.
Medieval costume.
Medieval England: architecture and other topics; Medieval Life; Life in a medieval castle.


Where is? and Google maps-where you are in Australia.
Find your local council and locate it on the map.
Unley Council: Adelaide City Council.
State Electoral Commission. Find your state electoral district using your address.
Parliament: in South Australia
House of Assembly Members of Parliament and Legislative Council Members in South Australia.
State animal and floral emblems and Ausflag.
The Australian Electoral Commission: to find out how federal elections work.
Find your federal electorate from the Australian Electoral Commission-type in your suburb or postcode.
Maps of federal electorates.
Members of Federal Parliament.
Australian Parliament: A wealth of information on federal government including educational material.
Education Ofice at Parliament (PEO).
Governor General's page.
ICT award for using websites to investigate students' place in government. Once again, a terrific ICT coordinator encouraged innovation.


Australiana; Australia.com tourism; Aussie slang.


Captain Cook's voyages, Cook Memorial Museum; Sir Joseph Banks: his papers in the State Library of NSW; Endeavour Voyage Maps; Port Arthur; Project Gutenberg on the First Fleet.


Epals; Teacher's Corner; Penpal Schools if you are looking for educational email partners. The opportunities for exchanges are limited by holiday times in the northern and southern hemispheres. One of the first exchanges I did was with New Philadelphia Welty Middle School in 1994. I still have the recipe book. Here is an article which appeared in MacNews in 1994 when we were using Nexus at Unley High.
Below are the term dates for South Australian public schools for 2023:

Term 1: Jan 29 - April 12
Term 2: April 29 - July 5
Term 3: July 22 - Sept 27
Term 4: Oct 14 - Dec 13

I am now retired so links are gradually disappearing and no new topics are being addded.

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