Paul Murphy
34 Chandler Ave
San Francisco
November 8, 2079

Dear Mr.Murphy,

We at The Gattaca Institute would like to inform you of the career prospects we offer. We encourage you to read this letter and if you are interested in working with us, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Gattaca Institute is the most advanced space centre in mankind’s history. It was founded in 2043 by Sir Henry Ramirez to make space missions less expensive, and is regulated by a private company, not the government. Gattaca employs the most intelligent people to ensure that missions are a complete success and that new technologies are researched quickly.

At the Gattaca Institute our scientists use the most recent computer technology to research new types of space shuttles to carry the human race to the stars. In our extensive labs we test innovative rocket fuel to make trips faster and safer. Our scientists also research the effect of space on the human body and methods of genetic engineering to adapt the human body to the conditions of space.

The missions are carefully planned years in advance to ensure the maximum chance of success. We use advanced super computers and software simulations to predict trajectories of rockets and to assess the success ratings of each mission, as failure is not tolerated.

We use cutting-edge rockets to visit various planets in the solar system. With seven launches a day we will have thoroughly explored every planet in the solar system in 25 years. Our latest project is a mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan. We have also sent many rockets to Mars and the Moon and are currently creating colonies for humans to live there. We have visited Pluto and Mercury and have landed on them and have thoroughly mapped the surface.

Before candidates for missions are accepted they must undergo numerous DNA tests to check identity and potential. Candidates receive extensive training and also participate in a fitness program to ensure they are healthy for their trip to the stars.

Working conditions at Gattaca are excellent, with large plush offices, powerful computers, dining facilities, gym and air conditioning ensuring that you will always feel comfortable. The 45 storey building is an architectural marvel. It has glass elevators and a huge section of the middle cut away for a large glass skylight through which you will always enjoy a fantastic view of the stars at night and the natural light of day.

We hope we have enlightened you about the career prospects at Gattaca. If you are interested in a position as a mission engineer or scientist you can arrange an interview and you could be chosen to begin a fascinating and profitable career. Gattaca is an equal opportunity employer and if you are an In-Valid we also offer jobs as cleaners, test subjects and caterers. The only requirements of Gattaca are that you are genetically screened (does not apply to In-Valids) and you need to wear the standard black suit and white shirt. We are urgently looking for engineers for our mission to Titan and we require only the best minds and healthy people. If you fit this category please don’t hesitate to contact the Gattaca Institute to arrange immediate employment (In-Valids need not apply for this position). We thank you for taking the time to read this letter and hope to hear from you soon.

Lowell Percival,

Director, Gattaca Institute