1. Our dear cat, Rosie, died July 28th, 2011. She loved her daily yogurt, a place in the sun and Peter's lap. Nineteen years of memories.
2. Our constant neighbour, Toby, died July 2011. A charismatic boy and sadly missed-aged 19 years.
3. Phoebe, our lovely grey girl, inherited from Mum, died January 21st, 2002-aged 20 years.

At left is Oli, our handsome ginger boy, pictured in 1981. He died in early 1993.

Click on Maneki Neko to find out more about this ubiquitous Asian cat, so popular in Japan and, perhaps, the inspiration for the cute Hello Kitty products.
Cat quotes.

Family pages: a work that will continue to be in progress for a long time.

Australian stamps from Australia Post.

We enjoy the parrots attracted by our almond tree-the pink and grey galahs which attack like a marauding army and drop a hail of twigs and nuts onto the tin roof of the shed. Sometimes there are sulphur crested cockatoos and, rarely, huge black parrots swaying on top. Sadly for the birds, our gum tree died and the almond tree is on its last legs with major branches dead too. I water our garden more than most people do these days, but perhaps the trees just aren't getting enough water all round. Update: almond tree and invading pepper tree removed April, 2017. Birds still in our Australian willow.

In Spring, 2011, we were charmed by the arrival of a piping shrike/Murray magpie which we have named Cheepy. He walks around our feet collecting crumbs when we eat outside and engages in various bizarre acts like flying repeatedly into the laundry window under the verandah and pecking at it and jumping up and down onto a wheelbarrow of flowers I have on the lawn while pecking the plastic tray. He has a variety of sounds-a loud "cheep cheep" when he arrives and some lovely whistling too. Pippi, the cat, is always watching and waiting but has had some bad experiences with birds. At right: Cheepy, identified by the white S swirl behind the eye, the patch of white over the beak and the slightly scruffy appearance.

ABC radio, Adelaide

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Practical recipes from TV show, 'Alive and Cooking.'
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As a child I used to draw my own dolls based on dolls from Archie comics. I drew and coloured hundreds of outfits for them using pictures from the "Australian Woman's Weekly" and other magazines for ideas. Sadly, I threw them out when we moved from the country to the city.
At left: beautiful carnival glass picture taken from Dusty Old Thing's Facebook page.

Black and white Pippi born 2002, ginger Baxter born September 1, 2012

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