The Danish Half
A new wesite called Danish Family Search has been set up in Queensland. It has parish records for much of Denmark.

Denmark, happiest people in the world, or not. In April 2015 Denmark is rated third but first again in 2016 and second after Norway in 2017.

The Danish monarchy. It's not that I've become a monarchist but at least most Australians have now heard of Denmark, thanks to Australian Mary and Crown Prince Frederik.
The Local: Danish news in English
Copenhagen on Flickr
Wikipedia on Denmark.
Danish Maritime Museum; New building opened October, 2013.
Denmark: the official website.
Solvang: Denmark in California-great fun
A to Z of tourist information.
Encyclopaedia articles on Denmark

Danish postal history. Charitable Christmas stamps originated in Denmark and they are usually very beautiful. I didn't receive any last Xmas and fear they may disappear just as Xmas cards are disappearing here in Australia. The Xmas Seal Foundation has some information but other pages featuring the julemaerke disappear quickly.

Danish Radio: (and TV) online
Jyllands Post: Jutland newspaper.

Danish recipes from Christian;; SBS; Destination Scandinavia on SBS, 2016. Watch them make a raspberry spandauer.
Danish pastry is the most delicious, delectable pastry in the world. The raspberry Danish is heavenly. The Danes eat them sparingly, almost always for morning tea and only on special occasions. Danish bakeries are works of art in the range and flavour of their products, but they are slowly going (as seen in visits from 1976-2015), overtaken by mass produced supermarket products. Why, oh why can't a real Danish baker migrate to Adelaide?

Vejle: Denmark.
Tourism in Middelfart and Fredericia.
My pictures: St Olaf's Domkirke in Helsingør, Pew end; houses in Helsingør; Castle.

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