Wikipedia about comic strips

Garfield: well known lasagna lover

Calvin and Hobbes: official site

Snoopy; About Peanuts characters

Gocomics site: 274 comics

Broom-Hilda: the green witch.

Footrot Flats: a cute New Zealander.

Dilbert: office based comic .

Snake: an Aussie loser.

The Phantom; Images.

Mandrake the Magician; with Narda.

Danish Comics

Asterix: the French freedom fighter

Tintin; a favourite with my sons.


Syndicated comic strips and panels

The history of comics in America

About com history of comics

Comics com

Andertoons Business Cartoons from Chicago

Comics research bibliography

Comic research: for study of the form


Top Cartoon Sites

Classics Illustrated of childhood memory

Romance comics; List of romance comics; Good Girl and Romance Covers; Origins; Romance Comic Blog.

Pulp Curry; Comics Down Under Blog; Australian Pulp Fiction; Carter Brown

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