May 22nd, 2004

Surprise BB delivery

Reality TV has got nothing on real-life drama

While Big Brother Up Late director David McEvoy was hoping the housemates would perform for the cameras, back home his wife Nadia was delivering something not in the script.

She gave birth to their second son all alone in their lounge room. And no prizes for guessing what she was watching.

"They were talking about politics," she said from her hospital bed yesterday.

Nadia said when she had their first son Alex two years ago, she was in labour for four days.

"I was ready for the long haul," she said. But it seemed Jeremy Robert had other ideas.

"I'd been having cramps throughout the day and around dinner time I noticed they were regular contractions so I spent the evening with my parents," she said.

"I came home and I thought they were about seven minutes apart by then, so I thought I'd better get ready to go to hospital and my waters broke. I phoned my mum but it was too late.

Mum rang the ambulance and the baby was born while she was on the telephone."

Producers of Big Brother would be regretting not taking her up on the offer to be one of the contestants.

"I could have given birth on live television," she said.

Nadia denied it was an extreme publicity stunt for the show but reckons her efforts should keep her husband in the job for another year.

At least.