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I have a Port Germein History site. Remember: It is packed with information about the history of Port Germein, particularly in relation to the ships. The deserters lists are unique. The site includes:
Pt Germein by Year
1920s to 1940s
1000 Skies, Grain Trade Re-enactment
Sailing Ships
Ship Register
Sailing ship København
Ship Deserters-now adding outports of SA, 1891-1922-about 3,600 (Oct'17-April'18 and still working on it)

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It is hard to know who owns the businesses where you shop, so thought I'd check out a few places that I use after being told that the Katies/Autograph store in Rundle Mall was closing (Feb 2017). Katies has moved to the Myer Centre but Autograph will only be in suburban shopping centres and I notice that seems to be the pattern for so many female clothing stores now. The city is moving towards the overseas chains you see in every big city in the world and in my opinion it is ruining shopping in our city, which I love, as opposed to endless Westfield type malls.
Not all companies are transparent with information and ownership changes all the time. Pleasingly, most shops seem to be Australian owned at this time. (Start: 26-2-2017).

On 30 August, 2018, The Australian has a story that Noni B has paid Speciality fashion $31m for Millers, Katies, Crossroads, Autograph and Rivers. Noni B is actually part of the Alceon Bidco Group. It's all very confusing to see so many stores in the same shopping centres owned by the same group.

Myers-public Australian Company. Premier Investments run by Solomon Lew bought 10.77% of Myers on 27-3-17. He is putting the pressure on Myers 31-10-17 and they are seeking support of shareholders.
David Jones-Woolworths Holdings Limited, S Africa, also owns Country Road
Harris Scarfe-Pepkor, S. African Retail Group

Autograph-Noni B (Aug 2018)
BeMe-Noni B Group owned by Alceon Bidco-Australian Co.
Best & Less- Pepkor, S African retail group
Black Pepper-Aus public co. owned by the PAS group
City Chic- Specialty Fashion-Only women's clothing shop left in portfolio (Aug 2018)
Cotton On-Private Australian owned company
Jacqui E-Premier Investments-Just Group-Solomon Lew
Jeanswest-Glorious Sun, a Hong Kong company
Just Jeans-Premier Investments-Just Group-Solomon Lew
Katies- Noni B (Aug 2018)
Millers-Noni B (Aug 2018)
My Size-Australian Owned
Noni B-Noni B Group-Alceon Bidco
Portmans-Premier Investments-Just Group-Solomon Lew
Rivers- Noni B (Aug 2018)
Rockmans-Noni B Group-Alceon Bidco
Sportsgirl- Sussan Group
Sussan-Sussan Group
Suzanne Grae- Sussan Group
Taking Shape-Myers
W Lane-Noni B Group

Foodland-IGA Australia

Big W-Woolworths
Cheap as Chips-Australian privately owned company
The Reject shop-Public Aus company-struggling, April '17
Browse In and Save-Wholly SA owned enterprise in Adelaide.

Wittner Shoes-Australian owned and operated
Betts Shoes-WA owned and operated
Barlow and Grundy Shoe shops-Barlow family owned, SA

Strandbags-foreign-owned, Malta-based Parelpark Limited.
Mitre 10 Hardware-Independent Hardware Group-Metcash Ltd.
Smiggles-Premier Investments-Solomon Lew
Spotlight-Spotlight Group (also owns Anaconda)-private Aus. Co.
Lincraft-Private co. since 2005 receivership.

Noni B Group-Alceon Bidco-BeMe, Noni B, Rockmans, Table 8, W Lane. As of Aug 2018, Millers, Katies, Crossroads, Rivers, Autograph.
Premier investments-Dotti, Jay Jays, Just Jeans, Jacqui E, Peter Alexander, Portmans, Smiggle
Speciality Fashion Group-City Chic
Sussan group-Sportsgirl, Sussan, Suzanne Grae
Wesfarmers-Coles, Bi-Lo, Liquorland, K-Mart, Target, Bunnings, Officeworks and more

7-2017: Apparently Myers are not doing well, and everyone is worried about the arrival of Amazon in Australia. That's why we should shop at local stores or, before long, they will be gone and the only place to buy things will be online. Nothing beats being able to try on, touch and see the things you want to buy. Retail shops should fight back by making it easy and pleasant for customers rather than a battle - see my Complaints Dept page for more on department stores!
31-3-17: H and M, the Swedish chain, opened 11 stores in 2016 in Australia, giving it a total of 20 here, but there are none in Adelaide yet. Overseas stores Zara, UniQlo, Topshop and Sephora are also in Australia, according to 'The Australian.
5-10-17 Myers reducing floor space but still struggling, with talk that Solomon Lew may try some sort of a takeover.
14-12-2017 Had a very interesting conversation at Myers when I was trying to buy polo shirts for Xmas. The shop was offering 50% off a second polo. An assistant said that his polos weren't part of the deal but that his price was better anyway. I commented that he was part of Myers. No, he was separate. I said I hated the idea that businesses are selling things in shops themselves, appearing to be part of the shop, rather than just supplying their product. No, he said, customers would have to pay a lot more for the product that way and it had been happening since 1956. Darned if I know why it would be more expensive.

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The Earl Grey Song - to let those here and overseas know how irritating it is to have on offer a box of 100 tea bags, none of which are actually tea. They are herbal tea, infusions, tisanes, but not tea. It is a metaphor for the whole food industry at the moment. God forbid that anything should taste like itself. These 2 Yorkeshire Tea songs respect tea.

Catherine Alliott: Not That Kind of Girl, about marriage, fidelity and family.
Kate Atkinson: Wonderful reads.
Louise Bagshawe: chick lit-light but great fun.
M.C. Beaton author of the Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin series and of wonderfully witty Regency romances, originally under her name of Marion Chesney.
Lily Brett: April, 2017. 'You Gotta Have Balls.' A charming novel set in New York about a Jewish daughter's relationship with her father, and running business.
Honey Brown: Read 'After the Darkness' April 2017. A fascinating page turner-psychological thriller.
Liz Byrski: family and finding yourself aimed at older women.
Michelle Diener 'Banquet of Lies' Dec, 2018. Website includes recipes from the novel. Historical fiction-mystery and a little romance with interesting historical detail. An easy and enjoyable read.
Emma Donoghue: Nov 2017 'The Wonder,' a fascinating look at a fasting child in Catholic Ireland in the 1800s.
David Ebershoff: Feb 2018 'The 19th Wife' is partly a murder mystery but also a fascinating look at the history of polygamy in the Mormon church. Multiple story tellers but it moves along well.
Ben Elton: author of 'Popcorn, Dead Famous, Past Mortem, Chart Throb, The First Casualty,' all with modern and relevant plots.
Helen Fitzgerald: Sept 2017. 'Viral' was terrific-modern, relevant. Australian author who lives in Glasgow.
Peter Goldsworthy: impressive Adelaide author. Wish he'd write more.
John Grisham almost always exciting law tales but latest I read, 'Gray Mountain.' was awful, with an especially unpleasant female lawyer.
Maggie Groff is the Australian author of 'Good News, Bad News' which I read 1-1-2018. As one review said, it is a mixture of chic lit and crime novel, set in Byron Bay. It was a good, fast moving story and would make an excellent film with good looking people in the starring roles, hopefully.
Cathy Kelly: Yet another young, Irish, female author writing an engaging family saga, "Secrets of a Happy Marriage." There are so many of them turning out these books which are very enjoyable if not very deep. I like the observation, language and style.
Marian Keyes: March, 2013 'The Mystery of Mercy Close," so funny yet real. Loved it-even liked the way the heroine is hooked on Scandinavian crime TV shows! Chiklit at its best.
David Lodge: engrossing novels set in British universities.
Jane Lythell's 'Woman of the Hour' was absorbing, Sept 2016. The main character is the TV producer of a morning show, juggling private and work life.
Monica McInerney raised in Clare, SA, writes gripping family based sagas with an Irish/ Australian connection.
Liane Moriarty: Aug. 2017 read 'truly, madly, guilty.' Australian author. The story was like 'The Slap' which I didn't read but saw on TV and hated. The constant referral to what happened at the BBQ and taking several hundred pages to tell us was annoying, but you couldn't help identifying with the characters and I even found myself quoting events in the book because they were so much like things happening around me in real life. I like that very much in a novel. 14-12-2017 Just finished 'the husband's secret.' Moved quickly. Described as a social comedy on the back cover. I didn't think it was funny, but very real again.
Joanna Trollope: British upper class family dramas. Absorbing and realistic.
Jennifer Weiner: Aug. 2017, 'In Her Shoes'- Chick Lit again, but some great observations. I am a bit concerned that it seems as though the only people in America are Jewish-the Florida retirement home, the men she meets etc. Not very reflective of society, I would think.

Crime links

Australian Book Reviews: New York Times book reviews.

Images: At left: (mostly 2018 holiday pics) Ancient vases in Berlin Museum; Quotation from poem in Edwards Collection, State Library; Buildings in Heidelberg, Germany; Room heater in Salzburg Castle, Austria; Parliament House, Budapest; Writer from 17C altarpiece in Museum, Litomerice, Czech Republic.
At Right; Salt lake near Lochiel, SA; Flinders Ranges seen from Port Germein; Ceiling at Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin, Germany; and Mum's favourite, Jonny Jumpups, in my garden.
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